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Get the word on spring home maintenance

The first warm breeze of spring signals a sneak peek of the season to come — abundant rays of sunshine, vibrant pops of flower buds and longer days await as temperatures shift from frosty to balmy. As the snow begins to melt beneath bright blue skies, we uncover signs that our homes may crave some TLC from the wintry months. While we spend more time outdoors enjoying the Colorado sunshine, we plant the seeds for prepping our homes with a helpful maintenance task list. 

Aside from much-needed spring cleaning, tackling home maintenance tasks is necessary to examine and upkeep your home’s exteriors, maintain your lawn and garden and manage interior details. Below, we have compiled the top home maintenance tips to spring into action this season.

examine exteriors

As we eagerly await the first day of spring, we push frigid memories of icy rain and snowstorms out of our minds. However, the effects winter weather can stick around long after the last snowflake has fallen — and become fully displayed on rooftops. A visual inspection to check for damages including leaking, cracking or missing shingles can make a world of difference before the summer sun beats down. Spring is the perfect time to assess whether an older roof will need to be replaced or if professional repairs are required by a qualified roofer. 

After months of winter weather, gutters and downspouts are in desperate need of cleaning or repair. Taking special care to clear gutters of debris and leaves will ensure proper drainage and prevent expensive damage to your home. When gutters are running free, water is directed away from the home and foundation. Leaks can be prevented by caulking — but for more serious damage, consider a replacement if gutters are detached, punctured or sagging. 

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for a home’s exterior, and a simple refresh will elevate your home’s curb appeal. Consider different color choices, such as soft neutrals or bold shades to find the perfect hue that represents your home’s unique personality. Frigid temperatures signal freezing and thawing in concrete and asphalt that extend into early spring. Take time to inspect your home’s property to check for cracking and damage along walkways, paths or the driveway. Small cracks can be caulked or filled, but a complete replacement may benefit your home for an overall fresh, clean look. 

maintain lawn + garden

Spring lawn care is essential to ensuring your home puts its best face forward for the new season. Spruce up landscaping from the previous year by trimming any overgrowth or completely clear the space to make room for a brand new design. Taking care of grass by sowing seeds and adding fertilizer will set the stage for a lush, green lawn in the summer months. Checking on yard equipment and replacing supplies as needed will guarantee you are ready to take on any new backyard project. 

If visions of freshly grown fruit, vegetables and herbs are sprouting in your mind, plans for cultivating a vibrant garden should be made well before the ground begins to thaw. Creating garden beds can help designate specific spaces in the yard for plants or flowers. Or consider consulting a garden artist who will work to craft a bespoke design plan reflective of your personalized vision. 

To save water and best maintain plants and grass, check to make sure your sprinkler or irrigation systems are working properly to embrace sustainability in outdoor spaces. Sprinkler heads that are leaking may have been damaged or broken from the winter and will need to be replaced. Or heads may need to be adjusted to avoid spraying at the house, street, sidewalk or porches to ensure the best use of water. Spring is also an ideal time to establish an effective watering schedule to maintain flourishing plants throughout the growing season. 

check on interior details

Although we long to spend endless time outdoors on sunny days, it’s important to consider interior home details that may be overlooked. While opening windows and doors to invite in fresh air, be sure to check for holes and tears in screens so that they can be patched or replaced. Cleaning glass will also aid in attracting brilliant natural light into your home. New caulk or weather stripping should be applied to peeling areas, and door and window hinges and cracks should be greased for easy access. 

Looking back on a long winter spent curled up around a cozy fire, your fireplace will be in need of a deep cleaning. After properly protecting yourself and the area around the fireplace, carefully remove any remaining logs or ash and clean the surround. Depending on the surface of your surround, you may need a variety of cleaning supplies to refresh your fireplace and keep it tidy until the cold creeps in once again. 

As temperatures begin to rise, we remember that 90-degree pool days are just around the corner. Checking to make sure your HVAC system is in top shape before the first heat wave hits will ensure your home is kept cool and comfortable. To keep your system running properly, change the filter once a season and schedule professional service if needed before the end of spring. 

Home maintenance can be challenging; tackle your spring to-do list by contacting your local home maintenance company. 

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