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Designing an entertainer’s lower level

maximizing your lower-level space for indoor entertainment

Today's snowstorm in Denver, CO signaled that colder weather is still here, hinting at us to turn our attention toward our indoor entertaining spaces. Often overlooked and underutilized, a home’s lower level offers a canvas for creativity when designing a stylish and functional space for spending time with family, friends and guests. From hosting cozy movie and game nights to sophisticated soirees, the transformation of your lower level into an entertainment haven will create a versatile retreat for years to come.  

Whether working with a blank slate or completely redesigning your current space, having a clear vision will allow you to transform your lower level into the heart of your home. By picturing your entertainment goals, planning the layout and personalizing with décor, you can craft a space well-suited to your home’s distinct personality. Evolve your lower level from uninspired to the quintessential space for indulging in relaxing and entertaining.  

// picture your entertainment goals //

Prior to diving into the design process, it is essential to picture your unique entertainment goals and identify what types of activities you plan to accommodate on your lower level. By tailoring your lower level to your exact tastes and preferences, you allow for a customized space that is reflective of your home and lifestyle. In addition to a recreation or multipurpose room, think about your best personal use of space.   

Typically offering less natural light and windows than the main level of a home, the lower level presents the perfect space for a dedicated home theater. Imagine hosting cozy movie nights with guests or streaming your favorite series when the weather outside is frigid and dreary. Consider raising the floor to add rows of plush recliners or adding carpeting to improve the room’s acoustics. Invest in a projector and large screen instead of a typical television and a quality sound system to improve the viewing experience. Soft recessed lighting with dimmers and a popcorn machine will complete bringing the home cinema to life.  

Designing a stylish lower level wet bar will appoint your home as the destination for swanky cocktail parties and casual get-togethers. Create space for socializing with wraparound counters, plush barstools and glam lighting. Open shelving and cabinetry will offer plenty of space for storing necessary glassware and accessories. A beverage refrigerator, sleek countertops and a built-in ice maker will ensure that you are well-prepared for happy hour at home. Wine connoisseurs can craft a personalized space to store their collection in a sophisticated home wine cellar. By incorporating the proper air system, shelves or racks and installation, you can preserve your collection for years to come.  

Enjoy an entertaining night in by creating a designated game room fully equipped with storage to organize classic board games. Elevate your space with high-quality game tables for pool, foosball, air hockey, shuffleboard or ping pong to bring out you and your guests’ competitive edges. Or, if space allows, imagine creating a home bowling alley complete with a ball return system, gutters, pinsetter and scoring system. Refurbished arcade games will add nostalgic flair while a designated video gaming area will create the right atmosphere to fully immerse yourself in the action. 

// plan the layout //

Depending on the amount of space in your home, your lower-level layout can be divided into functional zones, each with a clear purpose and flow. Installing arches, sliding doors and dividers is a simple way to divide your space without the hassle of building new walls. Or contact a professional for a complete lower-level redesign. Adding furniture such as a large sectional can also create division of space while providing comfortable seating for guests.  

Distinct lighting such as dimmable fixtures, sconces and floor lamps will aid in creating the right ambiance for different areas and activities. Think about investing in soundproofing materials to minimize disruptions to the rest of the home from the theater or game room. Remember to incorporate ample storage for home supplies, equipment and seasonal décor to keep the rest of the lower level organized and clutter-free.  

In addition to your entertaining space, consider other practical uses for your lower level. Create a private retreat for visiting guests with a sizable en-suite bedroom or add a convenient half-bathroom. For the home hobbyist, a craft room or workshop will offer a dedicated space for expressing creativity. A designated home office will provide a quiet workspace for work-from-home days.  

Skip the drive to the gym and create a home fitness space fully stocked with dumbbells, a treadmill or other workout equipment. Add a mirrored wall for perfecting your poses while practicing yoga, dance or Pilates. Sturdy and appropriate flooring and gym mats will allow for easier maintenance and clean up. After a sweat session, a visit to a home sauna or steam room will rival the finest luxury gym membership with much-needed rejuvenation.  

// personalize with décor //

Once you’re clear on your lower-level entertaining goals and have planned the layout for functionality, it’s time to focus on infusing the space with your own personal design and décor preferences. The lower level typically has a reputation for feeling dark and cold, so it is essential to choose materials, colors and lighting options that will liven and enhance the ambiance of the space. By choosing a theme or style that resonates with the rest of the home, you will ensure a seamless flow throughout.  

Take advantage of egress windows or sliding glass doors in walkout lower levels to maximize on natural light in the space. Utilizing creative wall textures such as exposed brick or wood paneling contrasted by lighter shades of paint or wallpaper will inspire an open and airy feel. Consider adding a durable, moisture-resistant flooring option such as luxury plank vinyl or laminate in main areas and plush carpeting or an area rug in seating areas for warmth and comfort.  

Let your distinct personality shine through with creative wall art, including posters from favorite bands, local artwork, a gallery wall or framed memorabilia. Potted houseplants that can be grown and cared for under low light conditions, such as spider plants, pothos or peace lilies will add vibrant greenery to the space. No matter your design preferences, it is essential to design a lower level that both suits your unique style and meets your needs. Whether cozying in for a movie night, celebrating game day with friends or crafting a date night cocktail, your lower level will become the go-to destination for memorable gatherings for years to come.  

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