3 reasons why homeowners are thankful for their homes

Feeling grateful this season?  Here are three reasons why homeowners are feeling thankful for their homes:

First, it’s a safe place that can give you a greater sense of comfort, safety, and security.  According to a survey from Fannie Mae, “having a sense of privacy and security” is one of the TOP reasons why owning a home is preferable to renting.

Second, it gives you freedom of expression. From the color of the paint to the art on the walls, you can express your style and your personality.  The home is yours.  You can decorate any way you want AND choose the types of upgrades and new amenities that appeal to your lifestyle.  (NAR)

Third, it provides a sense of community. Owning your home helps you build lasting friendships with neighbors and connects you to your community. Remaining in one neighborhood for several years allows you and your family time to build long lasting relationships within the community. (NAR)

So, what are you waiting for?  According to Business Insider, “Mortgage rates dropped significantly this month, with 30-year mortgage rates hovering right around 7% after spiking close to 8% in October. Rates fell in response to softer economic data. As the broader economy continues to normalize, mortgage rates should trend down even further, increasing affordability for borrowers.”

If you're thinking of buying a home and want to hear more about the potential benefits, let’s talk! When rates drop, competition will rise, leading to higher prices and fewer seller concessions.  NOW is the time to act!


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